Technology is Hard, Especially When There’s No Touchscreen

by | Jul 23, 2019 | Opinion

These videos are lost on me.

For starters, someone had to once show YOU how to use a rotary phone, and they were actually the common phone at the time.

Secondly, why WOULD these kids know how to use one?
What’s ‘sad’ about them not knowing how to use one, as I’ve seen people say in comment sections on videos like this?

Did you know how to crank start and operate a Model T when you were 17…or NOW for that matter?
Is it ‘sad’ that you don’t?

And you know what we did as soon as there were push-button phones?
We RAN OUT to get a push-button phone!
Then a cordless phone.
Then a caller I.D. box.
Then a cordless phone with Caller I.D. built-in.
Then some dumbasses went broke trying to pay their ‘car phone’ bills at $2.95 a minute.

All because corded rotary phones sucked.

But yeah, these kids are TOTALLY stupid.

Anudder Joe

Anudder Joe

Opinionated Dick