Ashley St. Clair is a Tomi Lahren wannabe.

by | Jul 17, 2019 | Opinion

“Dontcha wanna nail me? Now pretend I’m saying something brilliant that I’m not just parroting from Fox News!”

And we all know how these videos work. You find the biggest group of morons you can, get them to behave as they do, and then present it as the ‘norm’ for whatever group you dislike.
What you never see are the people who out debated the people with the cameras, who made them look like a pandering jackass…etc.


Am I the only one who picks up on the fact that dude in the black shirt is all at once realizing he got involved with the wrong group of misfit toys to voice his concerns with?

We have a tweeked out stripper. A neck beard who’s no doubt a 12th level Paladin in LARPing circles that wouldn’t dare drop that ‘FUCK THE TROOPS!’ in the presence of any troops, and finally….what appears to be Anthony Cumia finally being honest with himself.

This is a true gaggle of nitwits here, and yes, it certainly feels staged as fuck, but please join me in hoping it isn’t, because I don’t want this gloriousness ruined for me.

Anudder Joe

Anudder Joe

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