Maybe Facebook Doesn’t Suck. Maybe We Suck.

Maybe Facebook Doesn’t Suck. Maybe We Suck.

Remember somewhere around ten years ago when you excitedly signed up for that new thing called ‘Facebook’?Remember the first time you saw that girl that you had a crush on in high school or that guy that...

Episode 163 – Anudder The Cast

Episode 163 – Anudder The Cast

Netflix's Motley Crue film 'The Dirt' thoughts 'Leaving Neverland' - Should we ban Michael Jackson music? The 'Varsity Blues' scandal. Howard Stern REALLY doesn't like to be called 'Hollywood'. Jussie...

What to Take Away From Aunt Becky

What to Take Away From Aunt Becky

Let this be a lesson to you lil ladies! Men judging you by your looks isn’t such a bad thing all the time! Need proof? Most men are thinking the same thing about Lori Loughlin today as they did last week....

The Complicated Aspects of Fame You’ve Probably Never Considered

by | Jun 5, 2019 | Book Reviews, Entertainment News

Dig it….I’m on a job in Landenberg, PA, and apparently, it’s still the year when Justine first became famous, because there’s ZERO cell coverage, and therefore it’s really harshing my podcast mellow.

So, remembering that I wanted to check out this book after listening to Justine Bateman on Kathleen Wilhoite and Kaore Bonell‘s podcast a while back, I listened to the audiobook while I worked, because whistling while you do it is appropriating the culture of dwarves, and I’m woke AF, yo!

I have to be honest, at first, I was thinking “WAAAAHHHH! It sucks being famous!! Hey man, try being homeless on a minus 9-degree day, Miss!”.

But then Justine said something to the effect of “Hey, I know what you’re thinking…being bombed in Syria is a much bigger issue…but you came here to hear about fame, right?”

And I thought “Touché, man. Touché.”, and then I STFU, as we say here on the internet.

Now, I’m not someone who ever thinks of famous people as ‘not real people’, but I have to admit, hearing about it all through what feels like a stream of consciousness was pretty interesting. Especially when Justine talks about Googling her own name and the horrible things she found people saying.

Imagine Googling your name, and finding a whole litany of people just talking the worst possible shit about you, and you’ve never done a damn thing to them. People ripping apart your life, critiquing your appearance…I mean REALLY going all in on you.
All just because you used to be super popular, and now they get to revel in the fact that you aren’t.

Justine takes you on the full ride of fame…the rise, the fall, the attempt to keep it going, the moment when you no longer care, the way people treat you at the top, the way they treat you at the bottom, the things people feel within their rights to say TO you, and the things they feel they can say about you.

And what’s interesting is, while she tells you the story from her perspective, she also makes it more about the broad scope of fame, and not just her personal experience with it.

If you have any interest in the subject, check this book out. I recommend the audiobook because you can hear Justine tell the story with all the proper emphasis placed where she wants it to be.

If you have an Audible account…it’s available there.


Anudder Joe

Anudder Joe

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