Maybe Facebook Doesn’t Suck. Maybe We Suck.

Maybe Facebook Doesn’t Suck. Maybe We Suck.

Remember somewhere around ten years ago when you excitedly signed up for that new thing called ‘Facebook’?Remember the first time you saw that girl that you had a crush on in high school or that guy that...

Episode 163 – Anudder The Cast

Episode 163 – Anudder The Cast

Netflix's Motley Crue film 'The Dirt' thoughts 'Leaving Neverland' - Should we ban Michael Jackson music? The 'Varsity Blues' scandal. Howard Stern REALLY doesn't like to be called 'Hollywood'. Jussie...

What to Take Away From Aunt Becky

What to Take Away From Aunt Becky

Let this be a lesson to you lil ladies! Men judging you by your looks isn’t such a bad thing all the time! Need proof? Most men are thinking the same thing about Lori Loughlin today as they did last week....

Episode 164 – No Whip On The Escalator Of Life

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Robert Hazard – Was he bigger than the Philly area?
The Sound of Philadelphia.

The power of the old studios.
Liberace the ‘confirmed bachelor’.
Eddy Maserati
Don’t hate Sussex9 because he’s beautiful.

Can you used ‘Gender Fluid’ to bust balls?

Post Malone, Billie Eilish, and the death of Nipsey Hussle.
Aaron Lewis and the most pandering song ever written.

Stuttering John has turned hating Howard Stern into a cottage industry.

Alex Jones claims ‘psychosis’ for his moronic nonsense.

Star Wars Celebration starts today, and rumors about Episode 9.

Being too ‘woke’ with John Rocha.

The new ‘The Twilight Zone’.
Why was ‘Pet Semetary’ remade if it was going to be so weak?
‘The Lion King’ trailer.
The ‘Aladdin’ trailer and the beatboxing genie.

Can ‘Avengers: Endgame’ make $300 million on opening weekend and break the record.

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Anudder Joe

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Anudder Movie Review  – Shazam!

Anudder Movie Review – Shazam!

Has D.C.'s turning of the cinematic corner continued? Director David F. Sanbourne brilliantly injects the feels of 80s films like 'Big' and 'Goonies' and others as he tells his original version of Shazam....