So, How Orange is the Donald’s Face Really?

So, How Orange is the Donald’s Face Really?

Let’s take a closer look at how color saturation and other features in Photoshop might have been used to spawn the latest Presidential meme. If any of you are interested in an orange face you can pick up...

If You’ve Missed The Last Two Episodes Of ‘The Orville’…Our Condolences.

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Actually, ignore that whole headline.
Because if you’ve missed the last two episodes, it’s probably because you’ve never watched the show.
And if you’ve never watched the show, <em><strong>do not</strong></em> start with the last two episodes.

<em>’Identity Part One'</em>, and<em> ‘Identity Part Two'</em> are perhaps the greatest bit of network television I have seen in my adult life.
Not since ‘The Best Of Both Worlds’ on <em>’Star Trek: The Next Generation'</em>, has there been such a compelling story arc on a science fiction show.
Not since The Borg, has there been a more menacing threat than the one introduced in the last two episodes.
I can’t tell you what it is because that would ruin it.

And I know what you’re about to say…
<em>”Dude, The Orville is just a goofy Star Trek ripoff and this whole thing sounds like a lift from exactly what you’ve just mentioned! Do you even go to Trek cons?”
</em>To that I say…perhaps. Sorta. In a way. Oh, and no…I don’t go to Trek cons. Do they still have those, actually?
Anyway, if it was a lift, it was a magnificent lift.
It was jaw dropping, it was compelling, it had a build that began in Season One, and pulled the rug out from under you just now.
Moreover, the visuals on these two episodes can only be described as cinematic, and the money spent on the space battle in ‘Part Two’ could probably feed a small country for 6 months.

If you’re a Sci-Fi fan who’s not watching…you’re really missing out.
<em>’The Orville'</em> is a show that does all the right things in the most correct, and sometimes incredibly odd ways, and it delivers brilliant social commentary as it does it.

Go find it tonight on Hulu, and click ‘Play’ on Season One.

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