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Send Her Back

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Monkees Lovable Bass Guitarist Peter Tork Dead at 77

by | Feb 21, 2019 | Music, Opinion | 0 comments

So, most of you already know I’m adopted. I’m pretty open about it. My parents were always straight with me on the subject…

Anyway, growing up I always thought this guy was my dad. Like, deep-down in my bones. There was something in the smile and you know, the bowl cut. Did not hurt that he was in my favorite band of all time.

In a lot of ways, he was a father to me simply because I believed it. I told countless strangers who met “the singer from Schroeder” that I was Peter Tork’s love child. I thought it was funny as hell and just barely possible. A Scottish rugby team nearly gave me a beatdown one night after hearing “my origin story”. One of them had a serious problem with dad, turns out. Thankfully, club security felt it best I be whole for my show that evening. The rugby team was escorted off premises.

A few years later I learned that Peter Tork was not in fact, my father. I never stopped BELIEVING it though.

I always thought I’d somehow run into him and be able to share my ridiculous story.

I hope I made you proud, Pop.

RIP Peter. You meant more to this musician than you’ll ever know.


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