Send Her Back

Send Her Back

You know, it's funny. We've watched racist moment after racist moment be excused by sycophants of the Orange Fuhrer. We've watched the Republican Party betray all of it's supposed 'values' for a reality...

Episode 161 – With Friends Like Alex Jones…

by | Feb 21, 2019 | Podcast | 0 comments

On this ‘snow day’ episode, Joe and guest host Mike Gallagher talk about the new development in Alex Jones’ attempt to destroy his longtime friend Joe Rogan.

Is Rogan big enough to weather a storm that has leveled other people’s careers?

Does the Wu-Tang Clan have anything to do with any of this?

The Netflix show ‘Dating Around’, and what’s an appropriate first date question?

Jussie Smollett is a garbage person.

Kevin Spacey’s brother Randall Fowler looks just like Hans & Jules, the Belgian shoe repair guys from Concord Mall who both looked like Rod Stewart.

Opening and closing song credit goes to Bill McClintock for his brilliant Slayer and Wham mash-up that features solos from Eddie Van Halen and George Lynch.

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Go Ahead, Call Me Fredo One More Time!

Go Ahead, Call Me Fredo One More Time!

All day I'm seeing people saying that 'Fredo' isn't the 'N Word' for Italians. I disagree. Sure, to the rest of society, and in the big, it's not the N Word. But to Italians? I said it before...

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