So, How Orange is the Donald’s Face Really?

So, How Orange is the Donald’s Face Really?

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Jussie Smollett – Attention Whoring Tour De Force

by | Feb 19, 2019 | Opinion | 0 comments

So all indicators are that Jussie Smollett organized his attack as some level of an attention whoring spectacle.

The ‘attackers’ are cooperating with police, there’s evidence that Smollett himself purchased some of the supplies for the attack from a nearby hardware store…and who knows whatever else has broken since I last bothered to look at the news about this ever-changing story.

I personally find antics like this more disgusting than the perpetrators of legitimate attacks in a certain way.
In real attacks like this, we can view the ‘bad guys’ as the scumbags they are. Their role in the scenario – the motivations that drive them, aren’t something that the normal amongst us empathize with, so it’s easy to compartmentalize how we view them.
We don’t need to give them much thought at all really.
We’re disgusted by them.

Victims generally fall in this same thinking of immediate compartmentalization.
We see a man being assaulted simply for the color of his skin and his sexual orientation, as someone we feel for.
We see the situation as something we don’t want to ever happen again in our society.
We’re sad for them.

So when that person turns out to actually be the ‘bad guy’, it’s somehow exponentially more sickening.
It’s a betrayal to the better angels of our better nature.
It’s us being taken in a game of emotional 3 Card Monte.

Jussie Smollett, if guilty of everything that it currently appears he’s guilty of, has pissed on the memory of every black person that was ever lynched, he’s pissed on the memory of victims of gay bashing and those killed in such acts, like Matthew Shepard, and he’s attempted to instigate even further racial, political, and sexual orientation divisiveness in a nation that is already, and pathetically, doing fine on it’s own in that regard.
The ease at which Jussie manipulated these dark aspects of our nation’s history, is a great indicator of just how meaningless they all are to him.
He saw them as nothing more than plot devices in a new ‘show’ he’d cast himself in.
A show that human decency would demand we all pay attention to.

More importantly, he’s now placed every victim that comes after him, every victim who legitimately falls prey to an attack like this, behind the eight-ball of public scrutiny.
Jussie Smollett has energized every lunatic who believes things like this don’t really happen – people who believe most victims are liars.
Especially ‘Liberal’ ones.

He’s given credence to conspiracy.

And for what?
Because his ego couldn’t deal with him being written out of a television show?

Well congrats, Jussie.
It now looks like you’ll be written out of show business on the whole, and the nation’s people will be quickly looking to write you out of their consciousness too.

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