Send Her Back

Send Her Back

You know, it's funny. We've watched racist moment after racist moment be excused by sycophants of the Orange Fuhrer. We've watched the Republican Party betray all of it's supposed 'values' for a reality...

Episode 160 – Danny DeVito can’t be Axl Rose

by | Feb 18, 2019 | Podcast | 0 comments

A discussion about ‘tribute’ bands and the criteria that needs to be met to call yourselves one.

Hulu’s hilariously cringe new show ‘Pen15’.

Are you cool with having your consciousness implanted into an android and living forever?

Sussex9 solves divisiveness with his new ‘Green-clusive’ Political Party.

Ocean air aged bourbon for fancy men.

Gentrification…is it really a bad thing?

Netflix is bringing us a ‘Breaking Bad’ film.

CGW Segment – A Gentleman, his dog, and his husky costume.

‘Escape Rooms’ and ‘Rage Rooms’.

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Go Ahead, Call Me Fredo One More Time!

Go Ahead, Call Me Fredo One More Time!

All day I'm seeing people saying that 'Fredo' isn't the 'N Word' for Italians. I disagree. Sure, to the rest of society, and in the big, it's not the N Word. But to Italians? I said it before...

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