So, How Orange is the Donald’s Face Really?

So, How Orange is the Donald’s Face Really?

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The Unsung Heroes Of Valentine’s Day

by | Feb 14, 2019 | Opinion | 0 comments

Today is Valentine’s Day; a day that’s filled with people either telling their significant other how much they love them while showering them with flowers and gifts…or pointing out to everyone that it’s nothing but a ‘Hallmark Holiday’.  There are couples that are happy on this day, there are couples that don’t care about this day, and there are single people who wish they had someone on this day.

But I want to take a moment to notice the people that no one ever talks about.
They themselves don’t even talk about who they are, because they probably don’t want you to know.
I’m aware of them because I used to be one many moons ago.

Single people who are feeling sorry for yourselves today while watching all the expressions of love on the social networks, trust a brother when he tells you there’s something worse.

I’m here raising a glass to the married people, with kids, and a home, and all the trappings that go along with it….that can’t fucking stand being around their spouse.
Imagine if you will, having to buy candy and flowers for someone, for a day that’s meant to celebrate your undying love for them, LONG after you’ve asked yourself “What the fuck was I thinking when I married this person?”
Imagine having to feign affection for someone that you’ve long since realized you share no commonality with.
Someone who often feels more like an enemy than a friend.

You think watching other couples who are genuinely into each other sucks now?
Imagine watching that when you just want to get as far away from the person you’re with as possible, but knowing it will cost you everything if you do.
Picture knowing that the card they’ve given you, is as void of true sentiment as the one you’ve given them, and then having to act touched.

Single isn’t sounding so bad now, right?

And this isn’t even about hate.
Hate would make it easier because then you really wouldn’t have to go through the motions!
Instead, you might just be at the point where you realize that the people you were in the beginning, simply isn’t the people you are now.
You’re just…completely uninterested in them. You don’t even have the passion for them to hate them.
How fun does that sound?

In short, just imagine each year that passes being another where you realize it was spent with someone you’re completely unhappy with, as you watch other couples out having fun and enjoying good times with friends.

There are worse things than being single on Valentine’s Day, I assure you.

So, married people in this position – your boy understands!
And single people?
Take yourself out for sushi and wine…or a steak and a bourbon, and eat it with a smile while knowing you have the feeling of something that the people I just described…don’t.

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