Send Her Back

Send Her Back

You know, it's funny. We've watched racist moment after racist moment be excused by sycophants of the Orange Fuhrer. We've watched the Republican Party betray all of it's supposed 'values' for a reality...

John Lydon is the internet’s new “What color dress do you see?”

by | Feb 12, 2019 | Music, Opinion | 0 comments

The internet is all a buzz over this image of former Sex Pistols frontman John ‘Johnny Rotten’ Lydon, seen in a ‘Make America Great Again’ shirt.
Some have taken the position that Lydon is just a bitter old codger that has sold out to system.
Others say that wearing this shirt is the most ‘punk’ thing he could do.
And even then, that last position creates a divide because it demands the following questions be answered…

Is Lydon punk for wearing it as a giant middle finger to Donald Trump and his cronies?
OR, is the ‘F YOU!’ nature of Donald Trump himself indeed…punk?
Do you even care?
When is the McRib coming back?

I just see a man who needs a Planet Fitness membership, in a red dress.
I should know…I need one too at the moment.
Sad face emoji goes here.

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