Are we still angry at Kevin Hart?
I’m not angry at Kevin Hart, but it looks like the critics are.
Because the last time I checked ,’The Upside’ had a 39% critic average, and a 89% audience average on Rotten Tomatoes.
And since this isn’t what’s known as a ‘faith based film’, that chasm of difference is a bit odd.

If you don’t know what I mean about ‘faith based films’ having these kinds of gaps between the critic reviews and the audience reviews…

A total piece of steaming dogshit film like ‘The Shack’, will rightfully have an awful critical review…cuz legit terrible…but hordes of Jeezo warriors will sign in and give it an absurdly high rating cuz…well…Jeezo related stuff.

And such is NOT the case with ‘The Upside’.
So why this chasm of difference for a film that I didn’t find to be terrible at all, but not quite as good as the general audience did?

I have to think back to the Bruce Willis remake of ‘Death Wish’.
It was figuratively raped by critics. Given even a lower score than ‘The Shack’ which was an exponentially worse film.
And why? Because well, to quote Boston Globe critic Ty Burr…
“Death Wish is a catechism for an audience terrified their firepower and their influence is dwindling”.

That sounds like it’s more about Burr’s social leanings than the film, doesn’t it?

Many other reviews spoke more about the firearm issue than it did the film. And don’t get me wrong, ‘Death Wish’ wasn’t a good film by film standards. But it WAS everything you expected it to be, if you were in the market for some brainless vigilante justice porn.

So ‘Death Wish’ paid an unfair price simply for containing a theme that was no longer favorable to a certain segment of society.

And I think the release of ‘The Upside’ found itself right in one of those moments; right when Kevin Hart was ‘the bad guy’ for some old tweets.

This is nowhere near the bad film that critics are making it out to be. It’s also not quite as good as the audience reviews are making it out to be.

I’d place it at around a 68% – 70%.

Oh, and before I leave….a question.

To my white people…
How many of you actually sit around listening to opera?
Why are we always portrayed as listening to opera?
I don’t know white people that listen to opera.
I’ve worked for some of the wealthiest people in this state, and none of them ever had opera on.
Who are these white people that listen to opera all day, and exactly what the fuck is your problem?
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