Anudder Movie Review  – Shazam!

Anudder Movie Review – Shazam!

Has D.C.'s turning of the cinematic corner continued? Director David F. Sanbourne brilliantly injects the feels of 80s films like 'Big' and 'Goonies' and others as he tells his original version of Shazam....

Aquaman – Anuddercast Movie Review

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In this world of superhero films we find ourselves in, mediocrity has been the super power of DC and Warner Bros.

Aquaman doesn’t derail that train load of ‘meh’.

I didn’t like the look of Aquaman from the trailers and the film itself did nothing to change my opinion. The ‘underwater’ effect simply doesn’t feel as if they’re underwater. Instead, they feel like they’re simply floating in space. There’s just no sense of water at all. No sense of weight to it. The best they could come up with is to have their hair waving around, and even that is a distraction, because sometimes it looks good and other times it’s painfully obvious CGI.

The dialogue in the film is also painful at times.
The lines “Call me….BLACK MANTA!”, “You may call me…OCEAN MASTER!” and “I….am AQUAMAN!” are literally said in those exact “too cool for school” tones.

And beyond that sad dialogue is a paint by numbers superhero film that even contains a big destructive monster towards the end.

Here’s what did work for me.

When Aquaman was kicking the shit out of people…it was pretty damn cool. The fight choreography was solid and it was a bit more violent than I expected it to be.

Temuera Morrison.
I didn’t like the de-aging look they did with him, it looked obvious and was too plastic like unlike Marvel’s now perfected de-aging, but in the scene when he first encounters Aquaman’s mother, and sees the level of physical strength she posses, it’s followed up with him coming out of the kitchen and saying “Uh…I cooked you some eggs.”.
Any ‘Once Were Warriors’ fan knows the inside joke there.

Black Manta’s “I’m gonna need a bigger helmet” line, and the reasoning to justify the absurd look that the character always had, was great. And strangely the costume worked well. But he was a side note villain, and I’m never a fan of that.

DC really just needs to reboot at this point.
They just haven’t gotten this game right on screen.
And while I like Momoa, he doesn’t ‘feel’ like Aquaman to me.
It just feels like Khal Drogo learned to swim.


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