Anudder Movie Review  – Shazam!

Anudder Movie Review – Shazam!

Has D.C.'s turning of the cinematic corner continued? Director David F. Sanbourne brilliantly injects the feels of 80s films like 'Big' and 'Goonies' and others as he tells his original version of Shazam....

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse – Anuddercast Movie Review

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On RottenTomatoes this film sat at 100% for a bit, until one reviewer named Roger Moore (no, not that one), said that he thought the visuals were shit.

Not his exact words, as much as my translation of them.

Well…Roger Moore is a shitbird (no, not that one), because this has never been done before in film, and I guess he just didn’t understand what he was seeing. Look, I draw…I love art…I know when someone has taken chances that have paid off.

The visuals in this film, were a comic book come to life…in every sense of those words…frame by frame…all over your face, like you were taking the money shot in an adult film because the rent was due, and Walmart laid you off.

Was that too much?

It might have been too much.

Look, here’s where I depart from those who’ve gushed over this film; where I depart from those who’ve called it not only the best Spider-Man film ever made, but perhaps the best Superhero film ever made….

In a play on the words of the late Rick James, “Cocaine really must be a helluva drug!”

This is a visually stunning film. This is a fun film. This has a metric…I believe the scientific term is ‘fuck-ton’ of easter eggs for comic geeks, like Miles going through his phone contacts and scrolling by a ‘B. Bendis’ (see, YOU don’t even get that)…but it is nowhere near the best superhero film ever made.

It’s no ‘Infinity War’….it’s not ‘Ragnarok’.

But it’s damn good!

It’s made Miles Morales a name that lives right along side of Peter Parker, and that wasn’t going to be an easy task to pull off.

Remember when we talked about Adonis Creed, T’Chaka, Shuri, and the effect they’d have moving forward?


That’s what happened here.

I hate when people I dig completely overstate the power of a film, and I feel like that’s what’s happened with much of the fawning over this. But still, I really enjoyed it.

In fairness….you may not.

So on my letter grade scale…a ‘B’.

And FUCK Roger Moore! (no, not that one).

Anudder Joe

Anudder Joe

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