Anudder Movie Review  – Shazam!

Anudder Movie Review – Shazam!

Has D.C.'s turning of the cinematic corner continued? Director David F. Sanbourne brilliantly injects the feels of 80s films like 'Big' and 'Goonies' and others as he tells his original version of Shazam....

Creed 2 – Anuddercast Movie Review

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Creed vs. Drago II was everything you could want it to be, and a far superior film to ‘Rocky IV’, from which it draws the meat of it’s plot…but that’s not really a high bar.

Beneath it’s surface, ‘Creed II’ is a film about two sons seeking redemption for their fathers at their own expense.

And if you take that part in, it’s a pretty damn fine story.

Oh, and Dolph Lundgren STILL sucks at doing a Russian accent…but the film maker wisely decided to not have him say much.

But I’m gonna take you outside the film itself, and tell you what the middle aged white guy noticed in the theater he was in.

Allison and I were the minorities in our showing of ‘Creed II’.

Meaning…we were among the white people that you could probably count of one hand. AND, it was half price movie Tuesday, so this is a night where many families bring their kids, so they don’t have to leave the theater feeling like they just bought into a time share.

Directly next to me, was four young children, and their mother.

So it was impossible not to witness the children’s enthusiasm watching the boxing protagonist’s journey…as he found his wife, as they had their child, and as he discovered who he is and what really matters in life.

The same enthusiasm I had when I was but a young fella, navigating my way towards full blown assholedom, and I watched ‘The Italian Stallion’ Rocky Balboa follow the same path.

This time however, with the same swelling Bill Conti theme music energizing his rally, the hero was a black man, and the same almost involuntary cheers came from these children as the hero that looked like them, instead of looked like me, landed blows on the ‘bad guy’s’ face’.

And this wasn’t just happening next to me, but with other kids…and adults…in the theater.

But then I realized something else. It’s only interesting for the parents who grew up along side me, or slightly behind.

The ones who had to cheer on the hero who didn’t look like them, because Hollywood wasn’t offering up any that did.

These kids however, were young enough, that they’ll never know the world that existed before the dawn of the Adonis Creeds, the T’Challas, and the Shuris.

From this time forth, they’ll just know that the hero looks like them too. Because the only color that really matters, green, has shown Hollywood that audiences – ‘the people’ – will still hand their ‘green’ over regardless of the hero’s color, if the story is done well.

So sorry if this wasn’t much of a review of the film itself, but that was really what I took out of the theater Tuesday night, because it was impossible not to notice.

In the words of OG mumble rapper Bob Dylan…

“The times they are a changin.'”

Well…in Hollywood anyway.

Anudder Joe

Anudder Joe

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