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Anudder Movie Review – Shazam!

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All That Remains – ‘Overcome’

by | Sep 26, 2008 | Anudder Archive, Music | 0 comments

Maybe you’ve heard of All That Remains, and then again, maybe you haven’t. Chances are if you have heard of them, it’s because of Guitar Hero and their entry to the game “Six”.

I’m gonna guess that you haven’t heard of them, because to you, metal is still Slayer and a six pack of Budweiser. By the way, do you like how I pretend I’m not as old as you and I’m somehow much hipper, yet my spare time is filled with writing these inane entries that for the most part, no one reads?
Yeah, me too.

Strangely, my musical palate has never really outgrown metal. It’s a varied palate that enjoys a wider variety of musical offerings than it did back when I wore flannels over top of my Iron Maiden t-shirt, complemented by mirrored Aviator shades and a backward hat…but it still always returns to its metal roots.

The thing is, most of my peers find my taste in today’s metal to be insane. They think that the singers simply scream or growl and that there’s no value to the songs.
For a while there, I would have agreed with them…things got pretty..well…shitty.
But then came bands like Killswitch Engage and All That Remains, which for me, maintained the core elements of what MADE metal.
Sick, infectious riffs…blazing drums…and most importantly, catchy, melodic choruses that brought everything together.

All That Remains new disc “Overcome”, while a slight departure from their previous sound, has completely hit the mark as a spearhead for the new era of metal.
It blends elements from their previous heavier efforts with riffs and vocals that older metal fans will surely find to be a “welcome back to metal”.

Here, I’ll show you…go listen to “Two Weeks”:

See? I was right, wasn’t I?

So what do you say? Isn’t it time to retire that “Reign In Blood” tape? And why do you still have a tape player, anyway? You do realize that we’re WAY past that now, right?


No, I don’t want to “cruise the pike” with you, and Aldo Nova sucks.

Maybe you should stop coming here….I don’t think it’s for you.

Anudder Joe

Anudder Joe

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